Each Hot Breakfast is centred around a different, specific subject, related to one or more of the broad themes below.

The themes and the subjects are inspired by the suggestions and interests of our community. They are deliberately cross-disciplinary. We hope that a Hot Breakfast will get you thinking creatively and questioning laterally. We tackle stuff that is big and challenging and exciting, where no single profession or school of thought has all the answers.

Business in the twenty-first century

Breakfasts about:

People, planet and profit in businesses both big and small. Innovative practices and inspiring cultures. Leadership, development and purpose.

Citizenship and political change

Breakfasts about:

Contemporary politics and historical roots. The trajectory that we’re on and how to shape it. Grass roots activity and central command. Responsibilities, rights and regulation.

Educating for the future

Breakfasts about:

Fostering a better future through and for young people. Best practice from tradition and the counter-cultural. Developing skillsets and mindsets for a changing world.

Technology, data and our digital growth

Breakfasts about:

Prospects and pitfalls, implications and ethics. Staying relevant and protecting against displacement. Promoting and policing progress.

A sustainable society

Breakfasts about:

The many facets of development and growth. Our role as caretakers and stewards. Minimising and managing risk. New sources of energy, new systems of economy.

Modern mindsets for living and working

Breakfasts about:

Finding balance, finding meaning. Creating new paradigms and identities. Making the most of age, gender and cohort. Philosophy for our times.

Transformation through arts and culture

Breakfasts about:

Championing new artists, new activities, new values. Activism through words, design and performance. Finding fresh frameworks. Insights from beauty and creativity.

The entrepreneurial mindset

Breakfasts about:

Freelancing and founding. Going it alone and doing it different. Tips, tricks and vicarious learning for the creation of business and brand. Measuring and reconciling risk.

Health as a whole

Breakfasts about:

Physical and mental health, and personal and societal well-being. Progressive practice in medicine, nutrition, lifestyle and care.