T&Cs - Breakfasts

These are part of the T&Cs applicable to all the services provided by The Hot Breakfast. For the full set of T&Cs, including the meaning of capitalised terms, please head here.

Please note that the Breakfast FAQs provide information about the general process and administration of the Breakfast service.

8. T&Cs – À La Carte

Fees: fees for the Breakfast service are payable in two tranches, comprising:

  • a consultation fee of £100 (one hundred pounds) payable online through our Website upon confirming your request to participate in the service. We will refund the consultation fee if we are unable to identify an appropriate Board for you to join within three (3) months of your consultation; and
  • a balance of £449 (four hundred and forty-nine pounds) payable once we have identified an appropriate Board for you to join and you have confirmed your willingness to participate. 

Refunds: in the event that you attend the first session of your Board and decide not to proceed with the service for any reason then, provided that a written request for cancellation is made to ideas@thehotbreakfast.com within two (2) working days of the session, we will refund you an amount equivalent to to the pro-rated balance.

Transferring places: Owing to the personalisation of the service, participants cannot transfer either the Breakfast service as a whole nor attendance at a single Board session to another individual.

Missed sessions: Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are able to attend and engage with each Board session fully. This includes ensuring that they have an appropriate internet connection and undisturbed environment for the online sessions. No refunds are available for sessions that are missed wholly or partially for any reason.

Host absence: If your designated Host is unable to attend a Board session, e.g. due to ill health or other exceptional circumstance, then we shall inform you as soon as possible and either:

  • arrange for an appropriate substitute Host to manage the session; or
  • postpone the session to another time, provided that all participants are able to attend the proposed new date.

Additional Host services: If participants wish to engage with their Hosts on an individual basis in addition to the Breakfast service (whether during or after the conclusion of the Board sessions) then they are required to do so via The Hot Breakfast.

Privacy: we believe that confidentiality and trust are paramount in all matters relating to the Breakfast service. Accordingly, and without prejudice to our Privacy Policy, these are the only ways in which we will retain and share your data if you participate:

a/ Following your consultation, we will prepare a “Digestif” – a document that summarises the matters discussed during the consultation – that we will share with:

  • you, via email (using the address provided in your Online Profile);
  • the Host of any Board to which you are matched; and
  • possibly in an anonymised format with other professional advisors strictly for training or supervisory purposes (provided that such advisors are also subject to confidentiality obligations that are at least as onerous as those stated here).

For the avoidance of doubt, the Digestif is not shared with your Peers, nor with any other third parties without your prior written and explicit consent.

b/ We will share your name, email address and a short overview of your current occupation with your Peers via email after your first session.

c/ You will be invited to join a WhatsApp group (or equivalent messaging service) with your Peers, which you can opt out of at any time. The group is intended to support the principles of peer-to-peer mentoring for which the Breakfast service is designed, and we ask that the group self-regulates accordingly.

d/ Your Host may take notes during Boards to support the process and/or for professional or statutory record-keeping requirements. All such notes will be held in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and our Privacy Policy.

As you might expect, we retain the right to disclose any information required by law or other statutory body and/or in order to protect or safeguard an individual’s personal health and/or safety.

Integrity: both The Hot Breakfast and our Hosts abide by the standards set by the International Coaching Federation in all dealings that relate to the Breakfast service.

Responsibility: While both The Hot Breakfast and our Hosts will endeavour to support each participant, individuals remain wholly responsible for their own wellbeing (emotional, physical and mental). The Hot Breakfast accepts no responsibility or liability – either for itself or on behalf of its Hosts - for any choices and/or decisions made as a direct or indirect consequence of participation in the Breakfast service. This is without prejudice to terms relating to General Liability.

Nature of the service: By participating in the service, participants acknowledge and accept that the Breakfast service is not intended as a treatment for mental health disorders (as defined by the National Psychiatric Association), and that it is not a substitute for therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or for the advice offered by medical, business or spiritual practitioners.

Compatibility with other services & therapies: We recommend that those participating in the Breakfast service while simultaneously engaging in therapies intended to address any mental health disorder discuss their participation with their therapist. In any event, The Hot Breakfast cannot be held responsible for any conflict between the Breakfast service and any other service or therapy undertaken by a participant.

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