Table Rules

These Table Rules have been developed in the interests of The Hot Breakfast community as a whole.

We ask and require that all guests comply with them when attending our events and in any Hot Breakfast-related dealings that take place beyond breakfasting hours.

1. Assume that all conversations that you hear and overhear fall under the Chatham House Rule, both in spirit and letter. Obtain the explicit, prior consent of any person(s) disclosing information if you wish to share it.

2. No hard-selling. The Hot Breakfast is not, nor ever will be, that kind of forum. Please treat it first and foremost as a place to forge and foster relationships, rather than transactions.

3. Please do not expect or assume The Hot Breakfast is acting as a broker through any introduction. Form your own professional judgement about the goods or services offered by other members. We make no representation about them or the members concerned.*

4. We encourage all members to seek to “pay it forward”. A spirit and practice of generalised reciprocity is vital to helping the community thrive. Among other things, that means if you made an offer to a fellow guest, please follow up on it. And if you’ve been the beneficiary of another’s generosity, we’d love to hear about it! There might be a way that we can help ensure that that action rebounds.

5. We urge you to save your calls, emails, tweets and other phone tics for times when you are not breakfasting with us. Please keep your mobile out of sight: it’s not just you that it distracts. (Besides, you will get far more from the occasion if you are fully present.)

6. We would be grateful if you could do your level best to ensure that you arrive promptly for any breakfast. Late arrivals disrupt the dynamic of a gathering. On our side, we make it an absolute commitment not to let our events overrun.

7. Please assume that you can learn something from every guest and that every guest has something to learn from you. We're confident that that is the case, and the funny thing is that the more you believe that to be true, the more true it proves to be. Please approach each person as a peer and thinking partner, irrespective of age, discipline or any of the other differences that might divide you.

8. If you’ve got feedback about what more we could do, or how we could do it better, then please tell us! The Hot Breakfast is a co-creation and if our offering stops evolving, it stops being interesting; and once it stops being interesting it's time for lunch.