FAQs - The Breakfast Service


How does our Breakfast service work?

  1. MEASURING: Kate, the founder of The Hot Breakfast, will carry out a detailed one-to-one consultation with you, lasting approximately an hour, to identify your current priorities and discuss your interest and expectations from the service.
  2. PREPARING: When (and only when) we have identified the right group of people for you, you’ll be invited to join a group of up to 5 peers, all carefully selected because of their complementary skill-sets, mind-sets and vision. This is a very considered part of the service: it's vital that you feel part of an alliance that you trust and respect.
  3. ENFUSING: Your series of Breakfasts will kick-off with a 2.5 hour session hosted by Kate in an informal and private setting over the best meal of the day. Kate has hosted events professionally for over 5 years and is a qualified business and personal coach.
  4. ENRICHING: After your first Breakfast, the group will convene online using video conferencing on a regular (usually fortnightly) basis for a further five 2-hour sessions. At each session, Kate will lead a structured conversation, enabling everyone to learn, listen, think and problem-solve together.

How much does the Breakfast service cost, and how is payment structured?

You are required to pay an upfront cost of £100 with respect to your initial one-to-one consultation.

You will only be asked to pay the balance (currently £449, including all costs) once we have identified an appropriate group for you to join and you have agreed to participate. 

If, within three months of your consultation, we cannot identify a group that we are confident that you should join, we will give you the option of a full refund of the cost of your consultation or an extension of time.

We will never suggest that you participate in a group that we don't consider a good match for you: if it won't work for you, it really won't work for us.


What happens at the Breakfasts?

Each individual will bring different ideas and challenges just as each group will acquire its own dynamic and character, so the focus of each table and session will differ. 

We encourage you to approach the sessions with an open, appreciative attitude, receptive to the emergent nature of the process. The Breakfasts offer a space for you to explore whatever is on your mind in bright, engaged company, and you may well not be able to predict what it is that you want to discuss or find most vaulable.

Some sessions might focus on goal setting, career structuring or work-life balance; in others, the format might be more discursive, exploring themes such as leadership or relationship management. Kate might bring in business psychology tools and frameworks to explore the subjects that emerge; at certain points it may simply be a case of sharing resources or recommendations.


What's so nutritious about the Breakfast service?

There is no other service quite like this in London, not least because it's so very bespoke. In particular, it will enable you to:

Harness the collective wisdom, experience, knowledge and insights of a new, highly curated group of allies facing similar or relevant challenges
Stretch your thinking by getting “the Outside View” from an objective, informed sounding board. It’s the perspective and understanding of equals, as opposed to mentors or juniors; people who will think with you, but not like you
Foster your ambitions, goals and zeal through the support, accountability and companionship that comes from participating within a structured framework and network
Expand your opportunities, build new relationships, develop existing ones, and tap into different disciplines and networks


Who are we feeding through the Breakfast service?

The service is open to all in our community on the basis that each person:

  • Is willing to give as much as they take
  • Wants to magnify their personal and professional development and deploy their abilities to create positive change

Beyond that, there are different Breakfast groups for different tastes!

The service is particularly suited to: professionals working on big, systemic issues, whether within large corporations or in smaller start-ups; leaders, executives and managers working in highly demanding (and potentially quite isolated) conditions; entrepreneurs of all stages; and individuals who frequently operate independently, such as freelancers and those working with limited support.  Note that, on account of the importance of cognitive diversity, groups are not segregated according to sector or title.


At a more cellular level:

How does the consultation process work?
The consultations are a vital precursor to matching you to an appropriate group. Each consultation lasts about an hour, and Kate will use that time to understand more about your background, strengths, challenges and motives for participating in the service.

You can book a date for your consultation using our online booking system; we'll then liaise with you directly over email to fix a specific time on that date. All consultations are conducted online using Zoom video consulting or in person if that is mutually convenient. 

How do we work out which group you should join?
There are many factors that we consider when thinking about your group and its dynamic. These include: immediate and long-term priorities, motivations and intentions; cognitive diversity; levels of experience (we normally match people who are at equivalent stages); industry or sector; and, of course, whether there is any risk that you may not be able to speak freely (e.g. due to competition or conflict of interest).

Essentially you need to have the space to speak freely with minds that are as sharp as yours but in different ways.

What happens if you don’t get on with your group?
We’re confident that you will! We also encourage you to be open-minded, because within the discomfort of challenging conversations there often lies a lot of value and insight. However, if you tell us that you’re not happy after your first session then we’ll either transfer you to another or give you a pro-rated refund of the balance you have paid, without quibble or question.

How long is the Breakfast service?
Each group meets for 6 sessions, usually fortnightly, the first of which takes place in person (over a breakfast that is included in the cost). Once your final session has been held, if you want to keep up the momentum then you can sign up again, in which we will likely match you to another group. If all participants in a group request to continue meeting then we will endeavour to meet their wishes. 

When and where are the first, in-person sessions held?
We take psychogeography seriously! Added to which, we’re coffee snobs.

Your first meeting will take place in the private room of a central London restaurant, café, boutique hotel or members’ club. They are all venues that we are proud to support, and which offer exceptional service and ambience. In keeping with the spirit of The Hot Breakfast, they are not “corporate”, and there are no flipcharts, whiteboards or batch-bought pictures. Naturally a sumptuous breakfast will be provided (the cost of which is included in the service).

How do the online meetings work?
These take place using Zoom video conferencing technology, which is very straightforward to use. We provide full guidance on this.

Do you have to attend every meeting of your group?
We ask that you intend to attend each session, as the dynamic of the group is prejudiced if people drop in and out. However, we accept that unforeseeable circumstances get in the way of the best laid breakfasts. 

What contact is there outside of breakfast hours?
An (optional) messaging group will be set up so that you can contact other participants of your group between sessions.

How much individual attention will you get at each session?
Kate will manage each session to ensure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to listen and speak. Some weeks might focus more on one person than others but this will even out over the course of the sessions.

Will you need to prepare between sessions?
While you might be encouraged to think about certain issues you will not be set any “homework”. You’re busy enough as it is, and what you’re busy doing is likely to be all the prep you need.

Are there any house rules?
Yes! Our Table Rules apply, including the commitment to abide by the Chatham House Rule both in spirit and letter. So as to avoid conflicts of interest that will undermine the group for everyone, we also require that you agree not to participate in any business transaction with any member of your group while it is still meeting.

In addition, we also ask that you be considerate in your choice of setting for the online calls, ensuring that you have a good internet connection and quiet surroundings so that you (and everyone on the call) can properly focus.

How do we manage the diversity of groups?
We think about diversity at every stage – that means considering cognitive and experiential diversity as well as gender, age, ethnicity and background. Alongside that, we are seeking to create dynamics where power is even and balanced, and where all participants feel entirely safe to speak freely and openly.

Am I too young/old for the Breakfast service?
This service is available to anyone who wants to continue learning, developing and contributing. The age of our membership stretches from late-20s through to early-70s. We will always ensure that everyone at a table has something to give and take, but beyond that we believe that conversation thrives from a diversity of perspectives, including the diversity that comes from different age cohorts.

Full T&Cs are set out here.


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