For hungry minds

The Hotter bundle is designed balances a nutritious mix of Feasts and Walks with tempting opportunities beyond breakfasting hours.

The number of Hotter bundles available at any given time is tightly capped and curated to ensure that we always maintain a nourishing balance of skillsets and mindsets across the community. The bundle is valid for a year.

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A seat at your choice of 2 Feasts each year

  • Choose from our mouthwatering and extensive menu of Feasts, all designed to feed your ideas in the most enlivening and engaging way
  • Each Feast includes allocated seating on small tables, curated company and conversations that are quite different to your day-to-day, as well as a delicious breakfast
  • Numbers at each morning are strictly limited owing to the intimacy of the hosting and to ensure that each occasion provides a genuine opportunity for interaction and discussion

The opportunity (but not the obligation) to lead a Feast

  • A chance to lead or co-lead a Feast, where you can share your knowledge, experience and questions with a bright, engaged, supportive group of thinking partners
  • This is a great place to test your ideas, as well as a platform to share your expertise and enthusiasm with different people working in different industries
  • Our Feasts are designed to be crucibles, not megaphones: we welcome speakers who have as many questions to ask as answers to give

A place at your choice of 2 Walks each year

  • We have a wealth of Walks taking place every month between February - November, each offering singular occasions to get body and mind moving
  • The mornings are led by our trained team, exploring beautiful scenery across the capital
  • We start and end at delightful, independent cafes, which provide a hot drink and light breakfast for each member
  • Groups are tightly capped to 10 people: big enough to nudge serendipity; small enough to maintain intimacy

Our backing and proactive support

  • We use our social media platforms (primarily Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn) to share inspiring news about our members’ activities and to celebrate their achievements
  • Beyond breakfasting hours, we will make direct e-introductions between members as and where relevant and appropriate (but never without both parties’ consent and not unless we are confident that it is in both parties' interest to do so)

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Please email with any queries about The Hot Breakfast or the Hotter Membership Package.