Our Walks offer the chance to get body and mind moving, stimulate new ideas, get to know people you wouldn't ordinarily meet, reconnect with others and generally steal a march on the day!

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Don't you find that you have wonderful conversations walking side-by-side with people? Do you agree that breakthroughs often come when you switch settings and refresh stimuli? And don't you wish you got outside, moved and enjoyed your city more?

Following in the (metaphorical) footsteps of Dickens, Woolf and Johnson, our early morning Walks give you the space to reflect and connect with other members in the most invigorating of ways.

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The Hot Breakfast was terrific! I left feeling nourished and inspired creatively

Sholto Morgan, TV Production

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I felt like I found my tribe…

Rowena Swallow, Founder

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The Hot Breakfast was brilliant ... The format of “leaving us all on cliffhangers” to change to a different conversation partner was a great way to get the group dynamic going and also to make us want to finish off our conversations “the next time”!

Jason Yip, Legal Services

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I loved the idea of a walk as an opportunity to chat to several people, and to do something different at the start of the day.

Shalini Sequeira, Lawyer & L&D specialist



Join us at one of our partner cafes with an idea, a challenge or a subject you'd like to talk about where you'll meet people you can trust to be engaged thinkers and bright minds.


Grab a drink for the road and then let us take you on a walk (a stroll, not a yomp) through the city's most scenic, stirring streets.


We'll mix things up so that you have the chance to fall into step with different people, eventually circling back to the cafe for a light breakfast, energised & stimulated for the day ahead.