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A unique and game-changing service for ambitious Londoners, our À La Carte service is the catalyst for development and impact. It offers a structured and highly bespoke environment in which to reflect, learn and develop with people who can both stretch and support you.

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We conduct a comprehensive, one-to-one consultation with you to review your current priorities, preoccupations and goals, and to enable us to evaluate the thinking partnerships that would help you thrive.


We match you with a handpicked group of up to 5 rigorously selected peers, who have skillsets and mindsets that complement your own - your bespoke Board; people who do not think like you but can think with you.


You meet your Board in the presence of a highly qualified Host for a series of 6 breakfast-timed sessions held first in person and then online over a period of roughly 3 months, where you’ll have the time and space to listen, learn and think.

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Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire

Napoleon Hill

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I'm grateful for the clarity [the À La Carte consultation] gave me… from being able to speak about things with an interested, intelligent person but without any pressure

Kim Monney, Marketing Specialist

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Cognitive diversity is extremely good for us. It’s when human beings do their best thinking.

Celeste Headlee


The À La Carte service stretches your thinking by offering you the “Outside View” of an objective, informed, supportive sounding board of peers. They are not colleagues, friends or family; they are thinking partners and equals. This is an environment where wisdom and experience can be shared; a sustained, trustworthy framework for support, accountability and motivation.

The À La Carte service in detail

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Just as the concept behind The Hot Breakfast is a riff on the salons of old, so our À La Carte service plays on the celebrated practices of thinkers and doers as varied as Benjamin Franklin, JRR Tolkein and Napoleon Hill.

Our tweaks to the classic formula spring from: