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Be part of a small group of smart, diverse, purpose-driven people who meet regularly to share challenges, insights, ideas and resources in an entirely trustworthy, supportive setting. 

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Become part of an intimate peer group of smart people, who build relationships and trust over time and are committed to supporting each other.

Be spurred on by a structure that can help to drive you towards your goals, keep you accountable to your intentions and galvanise you to achieve more.  

Rely upon a sounding board of people who are not friends or family, seniors or juniors, but trusted thinking partners and equals.

Complement your professional and personal development with a structure that is rewarding, valuable - and enjoyable!


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Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire. ... When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.

Napoleon Hill, 'Think & Grow Rich'

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I'm grateful for the clarity the consultation gave me… from being able to speak about things with an interested, intelligent person but without any pressure

Participant (Marketing Specialist), autumn 2018

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Cognitive diversity is a diversity in the way people think about and engage with new, uncertain and complex situations. Research shows a significant correlation between high cognitive diversity and high performance.

Reynolds & Lewis, Harvard Business Review

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I'm absolutely loving this! It is everything that I hoped it would be

Participant (Entrepreneur & Coach), spring 2019



Kate, the founder of The Hot Breakfast & a professional host and coach, will conduct a comprehensive, one-to-one consultation with you to review your current priorities, preoccupations and goals.


You'll be matched to a handpicked group of up to 5 rigorously selected peers, who have skillsets and mindsets that complement your own - your bespoke sounding board - who you'll meet at a series of 6 sessions.


Held both in person and online over a 3-month period, each of your sessions will be carefully hosted so that you can explore the challenges, quandaries and ideas that you and your peers bring to the table.


Just as the concept behind The Hot Breakfast is a riff on salons of old, so the format of our Breakfasts build on the celebrated practices of thinkers and doers as varied as Benjamin Franklin, JRR Tolkein and Napoleon Hill.

In particular, the format draws upon: