Tales from the table

Year In Review

   28 November 2018 at The Espresso Room, Lincoln’s Inn

In the pressing demands of city life, time slips past us like a fine mist; days made up of seemingly trivial shifts and changes and actions. It can be hard to forget how much has happened, unless you create the time and space to reflect.

That was what this Hot Breakfast was about: an opportunity to think about the year that has been in the company of fresh, curious, supportive thinking partners, free of any preconceptions about what you should have done or could have done. Conversations during this beautiful (albeit drizzled) walk covered everything from:

... appreciating the year's significant, one-off milestones (such as getting married) through to the events and realisations that bring you back full circle (like leaving work to pursue a business venture, only to realise that the two can be run in harmony);

... the invisible shifts in mindset that lead to very tangible changes in behaviour, as when you let go of the belief that savings are reserved solely for big, global travelling adventures in the future but can in fact be used in the here and now;

... the small steps that lay the path to reaching big ambitions, whether they relate to moving cities or building a business;

... how frequently the realisation of a goal is easier than anticipated,

- plus so much more! Thank you hugely to all who came and shared their ideas and thoughts and brought laughter and companionship to an otherwise grey morning!



Themes of the Breakfast

  • Modern mindsets for living and working

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