Tales from the table

New Voices At The Table

   21 November 2018 at The Black Penny, Covent Garden

While there was little dispute among the members gathered at the table about the need for a wider range of voices on panels, stages and boards, the lens through which each person examined this challenge was entirely unique: a doctor-cum-podcast-host; a journalist-turned-moderator; an experienced founder and mentor; a speaker coach with toes in TEDx; an entrepreneur-activist; and a musician finding the choristers within corporates.

As you might expect, the conversation was as rich as the collected experiences. We talked about everything from:

... the gender conditioning and conditions that hold a woman back from accepting a speaking opportunity, and send a man rushing to the mic; 

... what courage it takes to give the stage to new and unusual speakers, and why, beyond ethical reasons, it matters that we do so;

... how childcare responsibilities affect a woman's perception of her priorities;  

... the different stories and story-tellers that new media such as podcasts and Twitter can unearth;

... why we must all challenge ourselves to speak to less friendly audiences; 

... the importance of following Nigel Farage on Twitter,

- plus so much more!  Thank you hugely to all who came and shared their ideas, insights and views so freely!

Themes of the Breakfast

  • Citizenship and political change
  • Transformation through arts and culture


Women Present is the new "platform to put more women on the platform"

"Talk like TED" - for great tips on public speaking from some undisputed masters of the trade

Renni Eddo-Lodge has made a lot of people sit up and listen through her blog-turned-book, "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race"

Implicit assumption tests can help an audience to develop a bit more self-awareness of its unconscious bias


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How do we get comfortable with the idea that in the wholeness of our being there is a lot of darkness and pain? Should 'regeneration' should be our mission, because 'sustainability' is no longer enough? Are you being most courageous when you feel least strong and most vulnerable? If leadership is fundamentally a process of self-discovery, then how much can others, including coaches, really assist?

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