Tales from the table

Leadership, Refreshed

   13 November 2018 at The Black Penny, Covent Garden

How do we get comfortable with the idea that in the wholeness of our being there is a lot of darkness and pain? Should 'regeneration' should be our mission, because 'sustainability' is no longer enough? Are you being most courageous when you feel least strong and most vulnerable? If leadership is fundamentally a process of self-discovery, then how much can others, including coaches, really assist?

A deeply thought-provoking morning, exploring some of the more shadowy nuances of leadership. Our discussion covered everything from:

... the implications of scientific research revealing the neural networks in our hearts and guts that complement those in our brains

... the power that is locked away in repressed emotions such as anger

... what it is about the space of meditation and the natural world that helps us to understand ourselves better

... the difficulty of taking emotional "weirdness" into board rooms - yet the difference that it makes when, say, a meeting begins with people sharing what they makes them proud and grateful

... what all the genders can do to help unpick our patriarchal conditioning

... the energetic fields around people who simultaneously demonstrate how to be vulnerable and help you to understand your own magnificence

- plus oh so much more! A list of some of the resources that were shared is set out below. Thank you so much to all who came!

Themes of the Breakfast

  • Business in the twenty-first century
  • Modern mindsets for living and working


Otto Scharmer talks about, among other things, the concept of "presencing" and "absencing" in his Theory U methodology

Nanette is the Netflix stand-up performance by Hannah Gadsby that shows the power of storytelling, humour, authenticity and anger

The Hopi Elders: "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Multiple Braining, or mBraining, considers how to integrate the different intelligence centres in our bodies 

David Whyte and Mary Oliver are poets who shine a light through the natural world

Candy Chang's "Before I die, I want to..." is a TED Talk that's actually worth watching

Prof Jem Bendell writes about the resilience, relinquishment and restoration required for "Deep Adaptation"