Tales from the table

Flow to Purpose

   25 April 2018 at The Black Penny, Covent Garden

An extraordinary Hot Breakfast! This was a collaboration with one of London's most experienced, innovative and unusual coaches. Ruth Eira Jones has trained everyone from Olympic athletes through to City execs, but she is now focussed on working exclusively with "players, mavericks and outlaws" who want to generate social wealth through their work.

And "players, mavericks and outlaws" were precisely who came - a mixture of artists, entrepreneurs, therapists and other delightfully subversive change-makers.  Over piled platters of bircher and granola and plates of poached eggs, we talked about:

... what "flow" really is, how it feels and when you may unintentionally tap into it (be that on a surfboard, in a jazz group or cleaning the dishes)

... the uneasy conflict between what seems morally right and what truly feels authentic

... the tools that can be used to help tip us into flow (such as the "amygdala switch", "sense streaming" and "thoughts to flow")

... whether what we unwittingly admire in celebrities is not their hair or their glamour but, in fact, their state of flow

... those times when we are so immersed in the moment that the ego falls away

... the importance of discovering what we can individually contribute to the "collective consciousness" that will feed into the next seven generations

... plus how a financial crisis can drive a need for viagra - and so very much more!  Thank you to everyone who came and who participated so honestly and generously - and to Ruth for such an inspiring opening into her world! Links to some of the resources discussed are set out below.

When we watch a live concert or a sports event, we’re essentially paying to watch people in a flow state... If quantified you’d find it’s a major chunk of GDP.’ - Salim Ismail, Singularity University, former Head of Innovation at Yahoo

Themes of the Breakfast

  • Citizenship and political change
  • Modern mindsets for living and working


Ruth's company, KaiFlow, is piloting an online programme to enable her extraordinary techniques be accessible to more people who want to make a positive difference through their work

"Everything is connected; here's how" - the inventor and co-founder of Google X, Tom Chi, explains how we're all interconnected

A review of Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep"

Considering the importance of visualisation and the brain patterns prompted by "mental rehearsals", how do you feel as you watch The Correspondents' front man, Ian Bruce, dance


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