Tales from the table

In Fair Health

   14 March 2018 at The Larder, Fitzrovia

Holistic, accessible, integrative, affordable, sophisticated healthcare.  That's the dream of many, and just when the systems seem on the verge of collapsing we now have the tools and information to make the dream reality.  We brought together a table of medical professionals, tech entrepreneurs, wellbeing experts and investors to discuss their ideas and insights.

We talked about:

... the value of getting the "basics" of lifestyle right, especially when 80% of illnesses are preventative

... the technology that may offer an accessible and accurate means of diagnosing cancer 

... the extent of ignorance about good health (even among the educated and affluent)

... how little we yet understand about the factors implicating mental health (and how you might be diagnosed with depression, when in fact your symptoms are down to an autoimmune disease)

... the distortions and complications behind collecting useful, informative data

... "how to be lucky" and the importance of saying yes to every opportunity you have to meet weird and wonderful people (and to have awkward conversations)

... why Yorkshire is so strangely healthy, Estonia is the place to learn about blockchain (and Lewisham is your borough for dedicated, passionate medical practitioners)

- plus so much more!  A really rich (and wholesome) start to the day: thank you to all who came. Links to various matters that came up in conversation are set out below.

"This morning was an absolute joy... such an inspiring group of people... I remembered this morning that despite being introverted I need these interactions"

Themes of the Breakfast

  • Modern mindsets for living and working
  • Health as a whole


The incubator Zinc has spent the past year focussing on tech solutions to mental health issues

Gazelle Partners is a wellbeing service devoted to supporting a growing tribe of companies drive business wealth through peoples' health

Innovate UK offers funding for digital and service solutions to NHS challenges

Serendipity Week will enable Londoners to step safely outside their comfort zone (and they are looking for volunteers to support this year's pilot)