HB Hosts  |  20 June 2018

In Business We Believe

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Discussing spirituality in business can feel awkward and alienating. Yet arguably, in the face of increasing automation and dehumanising work practices, it has never been more important. Often presented under the more worldly guise of "purpose", many enterprises are powered by a meaning that is beyond profit or salary, something bigger than self and shareholders. 

How can spirituality be approached in boardrooms and briefings, with staff and in strategy? How can it be defended when at odds with bald, blunt financial analysis?  If seen as part of living in a more integrated fashion, are there no boundaries between "work" and "life"? What does that mean for employers' responsibilities and employees' accountability?

A grand philosophical theme for a weekday breakfast! And we are gathering a group of Members who operate with a scale and style to match it, albeit in different ways and using different skillsets. 

If you're invited it's because we think you have as much to give to the table as to take. We shall set the stage for you, power you up with a delectable spread of a breakfast, and then create a framework around which you can explore your ideas, share your insights, sound out opinions and pool your knowledge.  More details below...

Themes of the Breakfast

  • Business in the twenty-first century
  • Modern mindsets for living and working

At the breakfast


Please arrive promptly, as we will only properly get going once everyone is at the table, and a feast awaits you, thanks to our hosts at The Larder... 

We'll kick off with brief introductions, so that you have a sense of the variety of backgrounds and skills at play.  Over two delicious courses, we'll then go round the table, giving everyone the chance to speak, listen, question and think.  

The Larder - Breakfast

Kate, the founder of The Hot Breakfast and your host for the morning, will facilitate the event to ensure that obvious connections are drawn out, but what you choose to talk about is entirely your decision.

There's no need to prepare, but please consider that this is an exceptional forum in which to bounce ideas, discuss problems, ask questions and air the issues that are on your mind!

As ever, our conversation takes place under the Chatham House Rule, as well as the two HB House Rules, namely:

  1. No hard-selling.  This is not that kind of forum and you're all members so you've all got great ideas by definition - no need to convince anyone.  
  2. Please do your best to save your emails and texts for later: it's not only you that your phone distracts.  


We'll wrap up on the dot of 9am; please let Kate know in advance if you need to leave earlier as it affects the dynamic of the table.

After the event you'll receive an email with everyone's contact details, and key recommendations that came up in conversation (such as events, organisations, articles etc.) will be shared online.

We will take account of all recorded dietary requirements when preparing the menu for this breakfast. Due to the bespoke nature of the event, seats cannot be transferred - but if you are suddenly no longer able to attend and have an appropriate replacement in mind then do let us know and we'll consider if they will fit in. We are also unable to issue refunds less than 5 days before the event.

Got a question about this breakfast?

Please email jake@thehotbreakfast.com