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Each Hot Breakfast is different. As a member, you may come to many events, but each will have a different format, a different topic, a different cast of characters.

Discussing spirituality in business can feel awkward and alienating. Yet arguably, in the face of increasing automation and dehumanising work practices, it has never been more important. Often presented under the more worldly guise of "purpose", many enterprises are powered by a meaning that is beyond profit or salary, something bigger than self and shareholders.

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Tales from the Table

Below is a taste of our recent breakfasts, with links to some of the recommendations that were shared.

16 May 2018

Shaking the System

Whether micro or macro, the small group invited to this Hot Breakfast were all working on pioneering environmental and social programmes. Operating in sectors that range from energy through to finance, they have different skill-sets, complementary mindsets and similar visions. We brought them together to share their insights and experiences, test ideas and projects, pool their networks, and stimulate fresh thinking.

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08 May 2018

Harmony in Healths

A morning that united a small group of London's most forward-thinking practitioners in health and well-being: holistically-minded, collaboratively-wired specialists, all passionate about helping others find and maintain a healthy balance in every aspect of their lives.

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02 May 2018

The Business of Belonging

Some businesses offer more than a commodity or service: they represent an identity, are the lodestar of a community. To this hotter-than-Hot Breakfast we are inviting 8 members who are particularly well informed on the delicate dance between product and client, and who are developing offerings that go well beyond the transactional.

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