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Each Hot Breakfast is different. As a member, you may come to many events, but each will have a different format, a different topic, a different cast of characters.

Tales from the Table

Below is a taste of our recent breakfasts, with links to some of the recommendations that were shared.

01 December 2018

Start, Scale, Soar

There's quite a frontier between being an early-stage, seed-funded start-up and operating as an established player. How is that best bridged? How do you remain innovative and agile when scaling from small to significant? How should the many spinning plates be triaged? And how do you transition from being founder to CEO, and your team grow from being jacks to masters?

What we learnt

28 November 2018

Year In Review

A big year? A quick year? Was it chaotic / joyful / rewarding / unsettling? At this Hot Breakfast we invited members to take some time out from the busyness of the Christmas calendar to reflect on all that had happened to date in 2018 - and why.

What we learnt

21 November 2018

New Voices At The Table

From boardrooms to broadcasts, stages to stories, and politics to panels, how do we get new, unusual, perhaps unorthodox voices heard? How do we do so without adding yet more noise to a cacophonous world? How should they be supported? Who's not listening and what might persuade them to pay attention?

What we learnt

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