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Each Hot Breakfast is different. As a member, you may come to many events, but each will have a different format, a different topic, a different cast of characters.

How do you turn an untested idea into a multinational, multi-million pound household name? What's it like trying to develop a business concept in a declining market and with no prior experience? Where does an engineer-cum-dreamer-cum-perfectionist fit himself within the buccaneering entrepreneurial world? Andrew Ritchie, the founder and inventor of The Brompton Bike, joins us at this breakfast to share his story and to listen to yours.

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How can we be more effective change-makers? In a noisy world, much of the answer lies less in the content than in in being seen and heard - especially if you're a woman. At this energising breakfast Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, a public-speaking coach and best-selling author, joins a group of inspiring women from different sectors to discuss the practical steps they can take to amplify their influence.

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What does a workplace fit for the best of twenty-first century talent look like? How do you balance the needs and expectations of a team and an individual, the professional and the personal, "work" and "play"? To what extent will technology shift cultural norms and where will the next wave of innovation come from?

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How can we make good health accessible and real for more people? What role does tech - specifically AI and bots - have to play in creating opportunities for both our sickness and wellness? And if we really dropped old dualistic notions of "mind" and "body", how might the healthcare system be reconfigured and what new philosophies and partnerships might emerge?

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Tales from the Table

Below is a taste of our recent breakfasts, with links to some of the recommendations that were shared.

20 February 2018

The Ideas Collective

Creativity, allegedly, is all about connecting things. We’d suggest that it is also about connecting people, creating a space that gives them the time to think through their ideas, to pool their insights and tap into each others’ networks. This breakfast is about that.

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15 February 2018

The New Guard

This was a breakfast for people who are intent on challenging people's assumptions, expectations and limitations: Londoners who want to inspire people to think differently about their world, and to engage with it more positively.

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14 February 2018

That Which Connects Us

Community in the age of individuals and avatars; dismantling isolating barriers, yet building supportive boundaries; how a virtual world can enhance our visceral experiences; the role of arts and culture as an integrating force... this was a breakfast about all of these subjects, and more.

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