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Tor Garnett


There are some jobs with undeniable cachet to them, and Detective Superintendent is definitely one.

Tor is currently leading a programme of work designed to ensure that the Met becomes a "learning organisation", but her work has seen her wear many different hats. She is the co-founder of Police Now, the policing equivalent of Teach First, which seeks to incentivise more outstanding people from all walks of life to join the policing frontline. She was also behind last year's Take:90 campaign, encouraging us all to take a 90 second pause before reacting whenever we feel the mist of anger descend.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love working with people who care about serving the public and because we get an opportunity to help at some of the toughest moments in people's lives.

what one thing your work has taught you that you wish everyone knew?

That police officers, and in fact emergency responders in general, are some of the most tenacious and creative problem solvers there are.

Whose advice has most influenced you recently? 

Marshall Rosenberg of "Nonviolent Communication" fame: ‘violence is a tragic suicidal expression of an unmet need’.

How could The Hot Breakfast community help or support you?

Share with me all that they know about designing the best effective modern-blended learning experiences at scale...

What's your breakfast of choice?

A piece of M&S sourdough, toasted and loaded with heart-attack-levels of salty Brittany butter.

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