Host & Connector

Rosie Wintour


I've always been fascinated by the unexpected results of combining ingredients. I think it stems from the kitchen; watching cupboard staples being thrown together and seeing what emerges. I'll never forget witnessing my mother beat flour, eggs and milk together and moments later seeing a pile of pancakes and then discovering that under different conditions the exact same mixture could create yorkshire puddings!

I'm intrigued by the differences between people; the huge variance in skills, experiences and interests that we all have. I'm also drawn to finding common-ground between us; discovering what unites us as humans and seeing the impact of shared experiences. I'm constantly letting the algorithms in my brain play with different combinations of people I've met, trying to forecast what might come of a particular introduction, whether there would be a meeting or convergence of minds. I like to find connections that interrupt the way of things and cause positive change.

I have always understood that we are greater than the sum of our parts, however hackneyed the expression is! I love to play the role of catalyst in communities and then stand back and watch as new ideas and connections rise to the surface. The mathematical side of my brain is satiated by the infinite permutations that can be curated in pockets of the population.

Hosting Hot Breakfasts allows me to do all of the above in the most meaningful way imaginable. I relish the opportunity it offers for me to hold precious space in which new connections form, novel ideas emerge and conversation is free-flowing among people whose paths might not ordinarily cross. It is the most inspiring way to start the day.

My career has ventured through a number of different industries and disciplines but in every role I have found myself bringing things into being in some way. I thrive on moving ideas from the cerebral to the visible and tangible stage. Much like with the Hot Breakfasts, I have made a career out of creating teams and inspiring action.

Having started in communications and events in the charitable sector, I have spent time in financial services and investments, an art gallery and latterly as a project manager for managed office spaces, airport lounges and hospital catering.

Alongside my paid work I co-founded an amatuer Symphony Orchestra in London called The Pico Players. It was a dream I had for 8 years before it came to fruition but 5 years after launching we have 65 regular players who meet regularly to rehearse, perform and raise money for charitable causes.

Someone once said, as I pulled three trays of bacon out of the oven and wafted it around trying to coerce people from their beds, that "breakfast was my ministry"! It is unquestionably the best meal of the day. In fact, I often eat "breakfast" several times a day. It's such a versatile meal. I couldn't tell you what my typical breakfast is as the joy of breakfast is that it's different every day but my perfect breakfast today would be: a strong cup of Yorkshire Gold brought to me in bed (my Dad has done this for my Mum almost every day in their 40-year marriage, he set a high bar!), followed by either two perfectly boiled eggs on gluten-free toast with lots of salt & freshly ground pepper. (Room temperature eggs, 3 mins in boiling water, 3 mins stood in the boiled water but off the hob; I'm so pleased you asked!).

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