Food for Thought

Poached Eggs With A Side Of Epiphany



The design for our new Feasts has been described as the "new TED".

This, in 7 points, is our plan and why we're excited and why we hope that you will be too!


Our events are invitation-only and we spend exhaustive hours agonizing over the members we should invite so that we get the right mixture of skillsets and mindsets in the audience. 

Talking Heads

That means it's not just the speakers who can inspire you; it's everyone in the room. And if you’re invited, we really want you there; we’re not just trying to fill a chair.


We design our events to enable you to have easy, animated, connective conversations with everyone you meet. We’ve had years of practice in how to make this happen.


We create the optimum setting for you to meet people you ordinarily wouldn’t (but should; see point 1).


Our talks take place first thing in the morning. That’s when your diary is less complicated, your mind is fresh and your thinking not yet burdened by the busy-ness of the day.

There are positive repercussions from inverting the normal routine of your day and the normal dynamics of events.


"I don't know a man until I've eaten with him."

We build our events around a wholesome, delicious breakfast. Since time immemorial, commensality has been proven as the ultimate bridge in connecting people.


Our talks revolve around big ideas, but they are purposeful and action-oriented. Our aim is to leave you inspired but also empowered.

This is about participating, not spectating, and your own agency as much as that of those speaking.


We want to give you the richest sensory experience possible. We work with independent, unique and convivial venues that are the antithesis of corporate, lecturing environments.

You are more likely to think easily and creatively in a creative and easy setting.


Our speakers are not glossy gurus on a podium, but vanguardists in your midst. The breakfasts are small, intimate and interactive.

We believe that collaboration is what drives the momentum for change, and that is what we are seeking to promote. 

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