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Neil Seligman


Neil Seligman is the founder of The Conscious Professional, a training consultancy set up in 2012 to offer mindful education to corporate clients, which works with top flight firms such as Linklaters, Warner Brothers, and Accenture providing mindfulness, resilience, and wellbeing programs.

In addition, he has a separate portal that offers public events and retreats and showcases his books and videos, and is behind the Soul Portrait Studio, a fine art photography service that offers "Soul Portrait Experiences" for clients around the world. 

Neil's line of work is extraordinary: both thoroughly modern and archetypally ancient. Like most of us, he was raised to respect "traditional" forms of success, which led him to spend eight years working as a barrister in the City. But he grew increasingly convinced that this life was at odds with his own internal and spiritual understanding of what success really was, and what the richest experience of life could be. In 2009 he left Chambers to explore these ideas, and this in turn prompted him to set up quite a different kind of practice: one built around meditation and mindfulness.

His consultancy is designed to help individuals - especially professionals - support their wellbeing and build resilience through mindfulness. The premise is that when we pay as much attention to our internal world as we do our external lives, our experience of both is upgraded, becoming more harmonic and better aligned. It's a holistic vision of excellence, which is designed to bridge the gulf between a contemporary urban existence and the more esoteric world of the soul.

Why do you do what you do?

I love variety. I love creating things. I love learning and sharing my learning. I love connecting in profound and conscious ways with others. I love discovering what’s next!

What do you think helps make you good at what you do? 

I learned Reiki when I was 18 - it tuned me into another level of energy, consciousness, and experience which has given me a unique perspective on life.

What piece of advice has most influenced or assisted you recently?

I have taken ‘Clarity’ as my intention for the year after my teacher told me this in a recent session: "Molecules align rapidly in the presence of a clear mind".


The Conscious Professional is always delighted to hear of new client opportunities so do get in touch if you would to have a chat about how we might help.

I am working on my next book with White Lion at the moment, so I’d invite you to keep an eye out for Conscious Leadership which should be in shops by Christmas 2019!

What's your breakfast of choice?

Well - at home in the week I make a healthy shake with all sorts of magic ingredients. It’s quite fun to blend up and I feel a bit like a wizard making it. At a hotel, or out at the weekend - its tough to beat a good Eggs Benedict!

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