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Luke Kane


You might expect being a GP in an inner-city, NHS practice to be life experience enough for one individual. Not so for Luke, who is a poster child for professionals pushing the boundaries of their careers.

In 2016, he joined the ebola response effort in Sierra Leone for two months. (There is something glamorously heroic about this image, but the reality involved being encased in a suffocating protective suit in the dense humidity of the jungle, dealing with fevers and fear and the very real horror of victims' experiences.)

And then in 2017 Luke shook things up again, spending three months as the medic for a TV adventure survival programme, "Mutiny", an experience he describes as so grim that he would never do it again, no matter what reward he were offered.

Aside from his work in a busy, inner-city NHS practice, Luke volunteers for two NGOs: one giving support and medical advice to undocumented migrants in London; and the other providing clinical advice to health workers dealing with difficult cases in Zambia and Malawi. 

Why do you do what you do? 

I do what I do because I learn something new every day!

What's the one thing that your work has taught you that you wish everyone knew?

Perspective. It is so easy to lose it, but seeing people go through awful suffering means I always maintain a sense of perspective and hopefully then have the ability to make their journey a tiny bit more bearable


As a GP in the NHS we hear a lot about "resilience". Tricky to define and hard to know if you have it... Patients have taught me what resilience means and doesn't mean - especially during my time in the Ebola Centre in Sierra Leone. I think it can all be summed up in the phrase "the only way out is through".


Medics can get stuck in a little "health" bubble - everyone thinking along similar lines. The Hot Breakfast community would be a fertile ground for meeting people from different backgrounds to get me thinking with a new outlook.

What's your breakfast of choice? 

Full English, of course! Tea with breakfast, followed by a triple espresso (or two!).

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