Host & Connector

Liv Sibony


Both socially and professionally, my role has always been that of the enabler. I am passionate about meeting inspiring people and helping them in their journeys.

I have lived and worked in five countries across the globe and I have the privilege of coming from a muti-ethnic, multilingual family, so diversity runs through my blood. This has given me a natural ability to feel comfortable in a wide range of environments and spot unexpected patterns in seemingly unconnected places, people and contexts, creating sparks for new paradigms. Bringing people together in meaningful ways - creating a safe space where people feel nurtured and supported, yet challenged and free - provides me with the greatest of joys, as I watch the magic unfold.

I truly believe that in the right context, with enough balance of diversity and shared values, we can spark great ideas and create inspiring collaborations, where each party is empowered by a sense of agency to take action today for a better tomorrow.

Hot Breakfasts enable me to start the day with a positive mindset, full of inspiration and optimism for the change we can each affect in the world in an immediate, tangible way that means we are not waiting for anyone else to improve the world on our behalf.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur (Awarded Top 10 UK Women Entrepreneurs 2019 -- Wise100 Top Women in Social Business) and trailblazing ethical investment champion who started working life in the third and then public sectors before becoming a chef. I then moved in to the private sector and left a career at Goldman Sachs to launch my foodtech startup, GrubClub, which I sold to Eatwith in 2017.

As an ex-founder, I am only too aware of the importance of embedding purpose into your mission, in order to make it truly impactful, while also driving a profit. This led me to join Angel Investment Network to launch and grow SeedTribe, a spinoff platform focused specifically on connecting “impactful”, profit-with-purpose, businesses with investors.

Most recently I launched a 'Female Founders' community on the platform to champion female start ups and encourage female investors.

I am a Board member of UCL's Fast Forward 2030, which aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch businesses that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And I am the vice-chair of the Mayor of London’s Women in Cleantech Board.

I am also a public speaker at industry events including Google, EY, the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) amongst others, on topics ranging from Female Founders to Leadership to growing impactful companies.

My morning routine is what sets the tone for my day. During the week, I follow the same pattern every morning: although I always struggle to drag myself out of bed, once I am up and received my morning greeting from my rescue dog - who is eagerly waiting for me to let her out on to the terrace - I either do a HIIT or a Yoga session, followed by Wim Hof breathwork and a cold shower to get me fully energised. My husband, Xavier, makes me an extremely healthy green smoothie with our Nutribullet – with an emphasis on health rather than taste (all tips for healthy AND delicious morning smoothies gratefully received!). I usually can’t resist a piece of sourdough toast and butter with a double espresso, once Xavier has left to walk the dog.

At the weekend, I love to lie in when I can. My favourite breakfast is likely to be brunch, with sourdough toast, avocado, poached eggs, feta and chili flakes (too much time living in India and Mexico gave me a taste for spice early morning!) along with my trusted double espresso shot.