Host & Connector

Kate Pumphrey


From hosting family gatherings to chairing all-party gatherings when working as a lawyer in the city, I've always been fascinated by the art and science of holding space for people. What brings out the best in a group? Which questions ignite people's thinking? How might tweaking the design of a meeting change the dynamic in a room?

These are subjects that I have studied and pondered hard over the course of many years and many breakfasts.

As the founder and director of The Hot Breakfast, my work is focussed around building a team and brand that can help to shift the cultural template of how we connect and interact with each other. To complement this, I also offer private and group coaching. 

Controversially, I'm a fan of soup for breakfast. I know that this throws a lot of people, but I won't back down: Joni Mitchell used to break her fast in the afternoon with lentil soup (followed by eggs & toast) and there are worse role models to have. 

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