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Karen Liebenguth


It's hard to imagine anyone who closer embodies the practices that they teach than Karen. A certified coach, accredited mindfulness teacher and MBTI facilitator, she is trained in eco-therapy and specialises in working with individual clients, teams and groups in natural settings. That might be through through tailored mindfulness and coaching programs for the workplace or retreat days in nature.

Karen set up Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 to foster personal and professional development, self-leadership and mental resilience.

Why do you do what you do? 

I love spending time in nature and feel very privileged to have been able to combine this passion with my work as a coach and mindfulness trainer. I consider Victoria Park in East London ‘my consultation room’ and regularly meet clients there for ‘coaching while walking’.

For more intensive coaching programs (half or full days of coaching), I meet clients in a green space of their choice, like Kew Gardens or Hampstead Heath. Clients love the combination of spending time in nature away from their office or home environment with the opportunity of immersing themselves in a personal journey of change, self-exploration and insight.

What do you think helps make you good at what you do? 

My deep connection to the natural world and my interest in people. Walking our own talk is key. People pick up on it and it makes us attractive. That’s authenticity.

What philosophy or mindset has most influenced or assisted you recently? 

To hold my business like a hummingbird: not too loose and not too tight. I used to feel very anxious about my work and the unknown. Not anymore. My business has a life of its own now. It’s been liberating.


Telling others about my unique approach of coaching while walking in green space, in particular about my coaching immersion days (half or full days of coaching with tea/coffee/entry fee/lunch included) in Richmond Park, Kew Gardens or Regents Park or other parks and natural settings. Those days are perfect for anyone who feels time poor but in need of time to think and talk things through, to step back and to take a broader perspective on things… A coaching while hiking day in the Seven Sisters Valley on the south coast is available too!

Over the last two years I have worked with Kew Gardens delivering 6-week mindfulness for stress courses in their Gardens as part of Kew’s adult learning program. This year I would love to start working with Wakehurst Place - Kew’s wild botanical gardens - in West Sussex. I proposed to them to run retreat days in nature for busy people offering them time to relax, reflect and restore in a facilitated and safe way, in a beautiful, natural setting. So far they liked the idea. Fingers crossed. I would be so happy if this collaboration came true!

What's your morning routine?

When I get up at 5.45am, I feed the cat, have a shower, make myself a cup of coffee, sit down in my favourite chair with the cat on my lap (my top favourite moment of the day), then do yoga, meditate, have muesli or porridge for breakfast – and sometimes a second cup of coffee - because by now it’s 8am.


To book a free initial ‘coaching while walking’ conversation or a free mindfulness for the workplace consultation or if you are planning a Team or Retreat Day in Nature for your staff, email Karen via karen@greenspacecoaching.com or call her on 07815591279.