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Dama Sathianathan


If you ever aspired to spearhead the push towards a better and more balanced future, Dama's is the kind of work you might have dreamed about: she gets to back inspiring founders and fund businesses that help create a better world using cutting edge technology.

Dama is a partner at Bethnal Green Ventures, which is Europe's leading early stage "tech for good" venture capital fund. BGV support enterprises that use technology to scale solutions to major social and environmental challenges; her job is focussed upon drawing in a more diverse pool of founders and helping to expand the ecosystem of individuals and communities who are involved with promoting the positive use of technology. Dama is also a director at Chayn, a community interest company that builds online resources for the survivors and victims of domestic abuse.

Why do you do what you do?

I've always worked in the social impact space, though prior to BGV this was at large international NGOs. Through tech for good meetups (that I now help run) I've learned more about alternative financing and different modes for sustainable social impact projects, and made the switch to work in an industry that cares about doing good and doing well.

What do you think helps make you good at what you do? 

I think what helps me in my role is a never-ending desire to learn more. I'm very lucky that I'm exposed to a lot of brilliant people and ideas, who continue to challenge me to learn more. At BGV, we also hold ourselves to standards to be radically open, and be part of something better, which drives me to (hopefully) be more collaborative.

What book or resource do you most commonly share at the moment?

The book I most commonly share is Ethan Zuckerman's Digital Cosmopolitans. It's a book filled to the brim with explorations on how we can untangle the web in an age of information and makes compelling statements arguing for more diversity of perspectives to thrive in this interconnected world.

How could The Hot Breakfast community help or support you or your organisation? 

We're investing in ambitious founders at pre-seed stage, so please help us spread the word.

What's your breakfast of choice? 

Shakshuka 🧡

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