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Anna Keeble


Anna is the co-founder and managing partner of Gazelle Partners, which runs personalised programmes and workshops to help individuals to optimise their mental and physical wellbeing and performance. Their work is designed to show individuals how to access a clear mind and then support that clear mind with effective lifestyle choices.

Why do you do what you do? 

When I was working in the City, I got everything wrong in terms of wellbeing. I was smoking, drinking, not eating properly or exercising, constantly feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and often found crying in the loo. I was stuck in a rut and I didn’t know how to get out. I wasn’t aware of the impact that my daily choices were having and nor could I see the array of limiting assumptions holding me back and compounding my stress. Through Gazelle we wanted to create a support network that could empower individuals to understand how their mind works and help them identify what they need in order to flourish.

What do you think helps make you good at what you do? 

I listen with a clear mind. I truly believe that if we all listened with a clear mind the world would be a better place! Most of us listen to reply, listen with something on our mind, listen with pre-conceived ideas about someone or something. When we truly listen we let go of that. Our mind is silent. We listen without judgement, without bias, we just listen. When this happens we experience greater compassion, greater respect and greater understanding for the other person. It is no surprise therefore that I love the fact that “listen” is an anagram of the word “silent”.

What resources have made the most impact on you recently?

Understanding how the mind works through the teaching of the 3 Principles and identifying the impact that limiting assumptions can have on how we feel, how we experience the world and the decisions we make.

How could The Hot Breakfast community help or support you? 

Helping us spread the word about the hyper-personalised digital wellbeing app we have just launched to support the mental and physical wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people via organisations.

What's your breakfast of choice? 

I fast for 14 - 16 hours each day and eat within an 8 - 10 hour window so breakfast can sometimes turn into brunch! I was always a firm believer in an early morning fat and protein based breakfast but whilst that can still be really helpful the latest research and my own personal experience has convinced me that intermittent fasting is most beneficial for the body. I can also never get enough veggies so when I do eat it invariably includes a serious of amounts of vegetables!