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Alex Paske


As a schoolgirl, all that Alex wanted to do was play hockey for England. But her trials for the Under-16 national squad in 2006 didn’t work out; Alex was left heart-broken by the rejection and hasn’t picked up a hockey stick since.

Her adoration for the world of sports did not end there, however.

Alex has set up the Mintridge Foundation, an extraordinary mentoring programme that enlists elite level sportsmen and woment to act as role models in schools, clubs and societies. Buttressed by the support and guidance of people who have “got the scars themselves”, students are given the confidence and inspiration to test their sporting ability to its full capacity, to better understand their bodies and minds, and to foster their sense of self-worth.

Alex's work has been recognised both through The Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year award (2018 Grassroots Winner) and through the Women of the Future network (2017 Sport Winner).

Why do you do what you do? 

I am determined to use my past sporting experience (both positive and negative) for the benefit of the younger generation.

I've created a mental and physical support network for young people that was desperately needed when I was younger and I hope it will mean that a greater number of people can enjoy sport and activity.

What do you think helps make you good at what you do? 

Knowing that I wanted to give back to the younger generation, combined with a conscientious and efficient nature, makes me good at my job.

And realising what my passion was, and therefore knowing what I wanted from my career, makes “work” easy!

What piece of advice has most inspired you recently?

“Find something that is more important than you and devote your life to it.” Pinky Lilani CBE DL

How could The Hot Breakfast community help or support you or your organisation? 

The Mintridge Foundation is looking for corporate partners to collaborate on school programmes with.

What's your breakfast of choice? 

Poached egg and smashed avocado – delicious!

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