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Alex Merry


Alex Merry helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams write and deliver speeches designed to create change. This is normally through his "Public Speaking Accelerator" programmes that involve a mixture of live group calls and individual coaching calls, followed by a face-to-face public speaking bootcamp and speech filming day.

Why do you do what you do?

Initially I went into this because I saw first hand the impact that putting a thought leadership talk up online had on the cause that the speaker represented. Talks were being used to lobby governments, start movements and raise finance for incredible causes. Recently, I've realised that our inability to express ourselves is an epidemic and if I can teach people to find their voice and deliver purposeful content in an accessible and persuasive way, I’ll have played my part in making some incredible things happen.

What's the one thing that your work has taught you that you wish everyone knew?

That the best speakers aren’t the biggest personalities, or the most likeable, or the most enthusiastic; they are the most empathetic.

What book or resource do you most commonly share, or find most inspiring, at the moment?

One of my favourite documentaries of all time is called Icarus (Netflix) which is about these guys who want to uncover the truth about doping in elite sport. All I will say is that their journey takes an unexpected turn and things get completely out of hand. The chances of what ended up happening to them actually happening were minute and I think there is a really valuable lesson in that.

It reminds me of a TED talk that I watched years ago that’s always stuck with me by investor Bill Gross called, ’The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed’. The answer? Timing, which in many ways is another way of saying luck. Online, the narrative for success seems to be the 'harder you work, the more success you will achieve’ and that is a load of bollocks. If you look at every person on the front cover of Forbes or Entrepreneur etc., whether they admit it or not, being in the right place at the right time has been critical to their success and I think we can all take some comfort from that. (Went off on a bit of a rant there!)

How could The Hot Breakfast community help or support you or your organisation?

I’m looking to sharpen the saw myself by speaking more - so I’d be really grateful for any introductions to companies and events that are looking for speakers in the communications/thought leadership space.

What's your breakfast of choice?

I used to be a poached eggs smoked salmon on sourdough kind of guy, then I realised that get just as much pleasure from 4 Weetabix and skimmed milk.

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