Unlock the potential in our city

We believe that if great people doing great things in a city filled with great opportunities can truly flourish, then the ripple effects will be momentous.


How can we nourish great ideas and people?

That's the question driving The Hot Breakfast.

Create new opportunities

Our intimate gatherings serve as a crucible for energised people and energising ideas. All the breakfasts are carefully designed to accelerate the exchange of wisdom, experience, questions and opportunities.

Make unexpected connections

We curate our gatherings so we can personally introduce you to smart, savvy, interesting Londoners from different disciplines, who are relevant but you wouldn't ordinarily meet: people with shared values but different skillsets.

Energise your thinking

All our events are held first thing in the morning on week days, while your mind is still fresh, your diary less complicated and your day full of possibility. They are designed for busy people, whose time is scarce and precious.

Our Outlook

The success of a relationship depends on both people giving and taking
Kindness and collaboration are critical to our success and happiness
Individual agency is best powered collectively
We should feed our ideas as attentively as we feed our bodies

Feeding our future

Awareness of our social and environmental impact is at the centre of what we do

We are in the process of acquiring B Corporation certification, designed for businesses that balance purpose and profit.

We're part of the mission to prevent London's kids being too hungry to learn

For each new event partnership we make a donation to Magic Breakfast, which provides healthy breakfasts to hungry school children.

We want to inspire more school leavers about what they can do with their careers

This happens on an ad hoc basis at the moment; please get in touch if you want to help us take The Hot Breakfast into inner-city secondary schools.

Background to the Breakfasts

Kate Pumphrey, the founder of The Hot Breakfast, started her career as a corporate finance lawyer in the City before moving into the world of environmental start-ups. In both settings she had a sense of the untapped potential in the ideas of the brilliant people she encountered, stymying change and innovation as well as personal fulfillment.

Kate realised that there was a simple solution: to bring together carefully selected groups of inspiring people with similar values but different perspectives. And critically, to create an environment where those people could have proper conversations, connecting in ways that were more satisfying than small-talk and more authentic than board-talk, discussing their thoughts and plans and insights.

If you were looking for lofty precedents you could point to the coffee shops of seventeenth century London or the salons of revolutionary France, or even Socrates and his Greeks. The collaborations and ideas generated in those settings were significant, if not momentous. Since there didn’t seem to be any trustworthy modern equivalent, Kate set about creating one.