Unlock the potential of great ideas and minds

We believe that if all the great people doing great things in a world filled with great opportunities are meaningfully connected, then the ripple effects will be momentous.


How can we CATALYSE VALUABLE relationships?

That's the question driving The Hot Breakfast.

Our individual wellbeing, commercial success, creative productivity and collective prosperity all depend on relationships of trust and understanding with diverse people. When great individuals thrive, great societies flourish.


The Hot Breakfast is the trusted forum for purpose-driven people to meet each other and share valuable ideas and resources. We aim to introduce you to people who share your values but have different perspectives: that means people that span other professions, cultures and socio-economic groups, whose paths you might not normally cross.


We believe that invigorating conversations and meaningful exchanges with great people are bound to leave you feeling empowered and motivated. And that is not trivial; it matters both for you individually and for the health of our democracy and the vibrancy of our economy - which now matters as much as it ever has.


The Hot Breakfast provides a forum to network in a way that is relational, rather than transactional. Our breakfasts are designed to promote a culture of listening, questioning and giving over speaking, answering and taking. We are part of the movement that is proactively seeking to change the cultural template for how we interact with each other.


Our Outlook

Individual agency is best powered collectively
Kindness and collaboration are critical to our success and happiness
We should feed our ideas as attentively as we feed our bodies
The success of any relationship depends on both people giving and taking

Feeding our future

Our social impact is at the centre of what we do

The Hot Breakfast is a social enterprise seeking to strengthen the fabric of society by connecting like-minded individuals from communities who might ordinarily never meet.

We want to equip more individuals to act as connectors

We're on a mission to encourage more people to think proactively about connecting their friends, colleagues and acquaintances, both for their own good and for the good of our social fabric. 

We are building a radically different kind of business

We're out to prove that the best businesses are built with purpose, profit, a spirit of reciprocity and a healthy measure of espresso. 

Background to the Breakfasts

Kate Pumphrey, the founder of The Hot Breakfast, started her career as a corporate finance lawyer in the City before moving into the world of environmental start-ups. In both settings she had a sense of the untapped potential in the ideas of the brilliant people she encountered, stymying change and innovation as well as personal fulfillment.

Kate realised that there was a simple solution: to bring together carefully selected groups of inspiring people with similar values but different perspectives. And critically, to create an environment where those people could have proper conversations, connecting in ways that were more satisfying than small-talk and more authentic than board-talk, discussing their thoughts and plans and insights.

If you were looking for lofty precedents you could point to the coffee shops of seventeenth century London or the salons of revolutionary France, or even Socrates and his Greeks. The collaborations and ideas generated in those settings were significant, if not momentous. Since there didn’t seem to be any trustworthy modern equivalent, Kate set about creating one.