The Hot Breakfast is a community of inspiring Londoners.

We create bespoke, invitation-only breakfasts for our members, where small groups of people with shared interests and different disciplines can meet, connect and feed their ideas.

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How It Works


Apply to join

To be invited to a Hot Breakfast you need to be a member.  It’s free to join.  Membership is offered to everyone who is aligned with our philosophy, the community and its balance of professions and interests.


Receive a bespoke invitation

All our events are invitation-only and carefully considered.  As a member you will only be invited to events that are relevant to you, with a carefully selected group of people we specifically think you ought to meet.


Rise bright and early

Hot Breakfasts take place between 7.15-9am on weekdays in central London.  We partner with the city's best independent cafes, boutique hotels and clubs. Turn up with an empty belly and an open mind, and let us nourish both.

Types of breakfasts

HB Connects

We invite two pioneers or vanguardists to bounce ideas around a specialist theme with a small, informed group of members. You will have the chance to listen, question views, join dots, meet other inspiring, like-minded members, push the edges of your thinking – and eat a delicious breakfast.

HB Hosts

The original format, and how The Hot Breakfast all began! These breakfasts prize the connective power of proper conversation above all else. Just seven members are invited, all handpicked because of their knowledge and curiosity about a common issue or subject, which they approach in quite different but complementary ways. The discussion is facilitated by one of our experienced hosts. It’s fun, enlivening and the most personal setting in which to meet, eat, listen and think.

HB Moves

Don’t you find you have wonderful conversations walking with people? And don’t you wish you got out and saw more of the city? Following in the (metaphorical) steps of Dickens, Woolf and Johnson, these events entail early morning walks in the best company while both the city and your mind are still fresh. We start and end at a vibrant, independent café, with a breakfast you will have earned.

HB Talks

Three short, stimulating briefings form the core of HB Talks, where we invite experts to offer the low-down on contemporary issues, cultural phenomena, historical insights, scientific learning and anything else that is interesting and enriching. As ever, the events are invitation-only: we will ensure that you are introduced to a carefully chosen selection of other members, even as we fuel your body and mind.


Next breakfast

How can we make good health accessible and real for more people? What role does tech - specifically AI and bots - have to play in creating opportunities for both our sickness and wellness? And if we really dropped old dualistic notions of "mind" and "body", how might the healthcare system be reconfigured and what new philosophies and partnerships might emerge?

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much for a fabulous morning – it really was so inspiring to meet such interesting people and I’m sure we can all learn from and support each other!”

Danielle Green, Business Analyst

“I had a fantastic time today... I felt like we were in a podcast! I absolutely loved it and would definitely come again”

Chris Banks, Creative Director

“I was really inspired and energised by what an interesting bunch of people they were… The Hot Breakfast made me zing all morning!”

Georgina Smee, Social Entrepreneur

“I cycled back buzzing ... and it was hardly 9am – thank you for pulling the grey cells out of their normal confined patterns and into new realms”

Hal Stockley, Strategist and Entrepreneur

“Breakfast was AMAZING. Thank you. I wish every day could start like that.”

Alice Broderick, Publisher