The Hot Breakfast curates and hosts early morning breakfast gatherings that connect great people across different disciplines and demographics in order to spark ideas and build networks that drive momentum for positive change.


Zenna Hopson Atkins
Dr J Harrison
Frank Starling
Carlo José
Hannah MacInnes
Iqbal Wahhab

Who are we feeding?

We seek out great people. That has nothing to do with background, education or job title, and everything to do with quickness of mind, generosity of spirit and creativity in thinking. Anyone who is taking action to contribute towards a better world is welcome to register their interest in joining a table.


Next breakfast

July 2020: RENEWAL

How can organisations, places, societies and hierarchies renew themselves fairly, sustainably and ambitiously?

Each week we are approaching the theme of "Renewal" with a different lens. We're inviting unusual combinations of guests who share an expertise and passion for this subject to join us at breakfasts where they can pool their insights, experiences and resources.


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I picked up lots of ideas that have now been shared with 7 charities!

Zenna Hopson Atkins, former Chairman of Ofsted

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The Hot Breakfast community is an invaluable way to meet new people to support - and be supported by - and to be introduced to new ways of thinking.

Hannah MacInnes, Journalist & Podcast Host

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I had a fantastic time today... I felt like we were in a podcast! I absolutely loved it and would definitely come again

Chris Banks, Creative Director

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Thought-provoking, expansive and pioneering - I left the breakfast with my mind brimming with questions and ideas stimulated by the open and interesting views that the others brought to the table.

Helen Endacott, Marketing Director

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It's really important for us to all get out of our silos and discuss solutions together - for me personally that's about getting a better idea of what other people are doing, so that I can factor in some of those ideas to things going on in the legal world. I now feel a renewed energy and vigour!

Louise Hooper, Human Rights Barrister

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Thank you so much for a fabulous morning – it really was so inspiring to meet such interesting people and I’m sure we can all learn from and support each other!

Danielle Green, Business Analyst