The Hot Breakfast IS THE HUB FOR PURPOSE-DRIVEN, motivated londoners.

We catalyse positive change through intimate, curated morning gatherings that are carefully designed to inspire, invigorate and connect people.


Dr. James Rucker
Hannah MacInnes
Iqbal Wahhab
Laurie Nouchka
Matthew Barrett

Who are we feeding?

We welcome Londoners from all disciplines and demographics who want to build momentum for positive change and make the most of the remarkable city in which we live.


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The HB community feels an invaluable way to meet new people to support and be supported by, and to be introduced to new ways of thinking

Hannah MacInnes, Journalist & Podcast Host

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Thank you so much for a fabulous morning – it really was so inspiring to meet such interesting people and I’m sure we can all learn from and support each other!

Danielle Green, Business Analyst

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I had a fantastic time today... I felt like we were in a podcast! I absolutely loved it and would definitely come again

Chris Banks, Creative Director

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I was really inspired and energised by what an interesting bunch of people they were… The Hot Breakfast made me zing all morning!

Georgina Smee, Social Entrepreneur

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I cycled back buzzing ... and it was hardly 9am – thank you for pulling the grey cells out of their normal confined patterns and into new realms

Hal Stockley, Strategist and Entrepreneur

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Breakfast was AMAZING. Thank you. I wish every day could start like that.

Alice Broderick, Publisher